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Bottoms Up Shot Glasses

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses

The shot glass that makes sense no matter how you look at it!

When right side up (and filled with booze, preferably) the lettering on the glass reads “DRINK.”

When upside down (having been emptied of booze), the glass reads “DRUNK.”

It’s all about perspective!

But whatever your point of view, this is a shot glass that can be trusted. It’s a sturdy thing and it tells no lies. If the “DRUNK” message appears inaccurate, that’s user error. Please return to Step 1 (filling the shot glass) and repeat the process until the message is correct.

The “DRINK” message is useful for those of us who need motivation, something to keep pushing us forward. There isn’t such a thing as a drinking coach! (Or is there…)

The “Bottoms Up” shot glasses come 2 per order. Order many of them. They’re small and everyone is friends with at least one kleptomaniac.

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