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EXCLUSIVE: Tax Refund Shopping Spree

Tax Refund Shopping Spree

Last week was the federal income tax filing deadline for 2016 (if you didn’t know – surprise!), which means many of us are looking forward to that sweet, sweet refund check. Now, yeah, you could deposit that check into a savings account or invest or something responsible like that…


You could treat that money like it never belonged to you, like the government is giving you permission to make one or several extravagant purchases from a gift guide that’s beginning in 3… 2…

#1 Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain

This is exactly the kind of chocolate fountain used in restaurants all over the world. That means, if you buy this chocolate fountain, you never have to leave the house to use a chocolate fountain! Don’t you see?! It’s perfect!

Any time you want to class the place up, haul out your epic chocolate fountain which holds up to four pounds of melted chocolate at a time and let the fondue begin!

#2 Notorious BIG Collectible Figure

Notorious BIG Collectible Figure

Throw your hands in the air, if you’s a true playa!

You’d have to be a true playa to snag this 9″ Biggie Smalls figure with that tax refund money because it is not cheap! That being said, as of this writing there seems to be only one left in stock, so it’s possible there won’t be another chance to have this Bad Boy on your shelf.

#3 Retro Pocket Synth

Retro Pocket Synth

Being a musician seems like so much fun, right? But the whole “learning how to play an instrument” part seems like a lot of work, though. If you’d like to skip that whole part and just get right down to making cool sounds, this pocket synth is a pretty cheap way to start playing.

Basically, you just select from three vintage organ sounds and touch the stylus to the metal keyboard to play a note. There’s a vibrato effect you can turn on or off plus a tuning knob on the bottom for pitch-bending effects.

BONUS: the layout of the keyboard is the same as a piano, so this is actually a way less intimidating way to get to know an instrument while having fun!

#4 Sound System Gaming Chair

Sound System Gaming Chair

Here it is: exactly the sort of gaming station we all wanted when we were kids. And now that we’re adults the government just mails us checks big enough to buy one? Uh, maybe growing up doesn’t suck so hard after all, y’all!

And you don’t even have to be a gamer to enjoy this thing. It’s basically a 2.1 sound system built into a sweet, comfortable chair – so games, movies or just listening to music is a whole new experience!

#5 Risk: Game of Thrones Edition

Risk: Game of Thrones Edition

Remember when we said you could invest your refund check? That’s something a lot of people do. But with every investment, there’s an element of risk involved. With this purchase, it’s a whole new type of Risk you’re getting!

The Game of Thrones Edition of the classic board game comes with 2 separate game board maps, 315 individual army pieces (representing 7 of the houses from the series), 7 seats of power, 7 player boards, 75 Gold Dragon coins, 188 cards and 63 Special Unit tokens!

Of course, before you can even start a game you have to figure out who gets to be the dragon…

#6 Fully-Studded Sunglasses

Fully-Studded Sunglasses

Okay, so we’re spending all this money, feeling a big cheese. But do we look like a big cheese? We gotta be lookin’ like a big cheese or else how can we expect everyone else to know that we feel like a big cheese? Right?

Accessories, baby. That’s the name of the game: Facial. Accessories. We gotta get the bling all up on the face, all over it. That’s what’s up with these crazy sunglasses covered all over with pyramid-shaped gold studs!

Yeah… Oh, yeah…

That’s nice!

#7 Towable Lake Raft

Towable Lake Raft

A typical tax refund check won’t be big enough to buy your own private island in the middle of a lake. That costs… Well, it costs an obscene amount of money and if you’ve got that kind of bread then we should be friends. Invite us to your parties.

But, okay, your refund check just might be enough to cover this towable raft! Yeah, it’s still expensive but you’re kinda gonna need a boat to use it and boats cost way more so calm down.

With a surface area of 75 square feet, this thing can hold around 10 people on it at a time. That’s kind of like a small island?

#8 Restaurant-Style Arcade Game Machine

Restaurant-Style Arcade Game Machine

Remember when you were a kid and your family would show up at the pizza restaurant on the weekend but it would be super-busy because every other family made the same plans as yours? What was the first thing you did? If you said “check to see if anyone was playing the sit-down arcade game, congratulations on being a cool-ass kid!

These machines were the best, man. They usually had two or three solid games to play and it was basically a table so you didn’t have to find some perfect place to balance your soda like playing a standup machine.

Don’t go rushing out the door with all that nostalgia, looking for a pizzeria – you can buy one of those machines right here, fully loaded with 60 classic arcade games. If that prize tag seems steep, hang on. These ship with a coin door, just like the real thing. You can pop it open to turn on free play mode or you can keep it closed to make your friends pay-to-play!

#9 Pac-Man LED Clock

Pac-Man LED Clock

But you can’t spend all your time playing video games, even if you are rich for a week. Places to go! People to see! Little white dots to eat! Let Pac-Man and all his little ghosty friends help you stay right on time with this LED clock.

The display has 512 full color LEDs that show the time along with intermittent animations of Pac-Man and the ghosts scrolling across the screen!

#10 Party Cooler

Party Cooler

Having money is all about having good times and good times are best enjoyed with friends. So if you’re asking us, we’ll always say an investment in great parties with the best people you know is always an awesome investment.

It’s already Spring and Summer’s just around the corner so epic moments are already being shared in backyards all over America. Igloo, the same company that makes some of the best coolers on the market, came out with this Party Bar Cooler for these exact moments.

First of all, it’s on heavy-duty casters for easy transportation and they also lock for when you want the whole setup to stay in one place.

Second, there’s threaded drain plug at the bottom that is garden hose compatible, meaning you can empty it into your bathtub or something instead of creating a gnarly mud pit in the yard.

Lastly, there are LEDs inside of it for getting the right drink, first try, even after the sun goes down!

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