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Side-Facing Apple Charger Attachment

Side-Facing Apple Charger Attachment

A lot of people are mad at Apple these days but the sad reality is that we can’t all afford to throw our MacBooks in the trash and start over with PC setups.

What we can do is find third-party solutions to some of the inherent problems that come with Apple products.

Like the MagSafe power adapter (a.k.a. The Big White Brick).

The thing has never been convenient.

You can use that extension cord attachment if you like having a big white block of heat laying in the middle of the floor for everyone to trip over. Or you can use the plug attachment if you’d prefer to have the big white charging block sticking straight out of the wall, ready to be kicked off balance and come unplugged by someone even just walking near the damn thing…

Screw all that.

This inexpensive attachment lets you plug the brick in sideways, flush with the wall, taking up so little space that it can even easily be kept behind a sofa, as shown in the photo above.

You know you need this.

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