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Lucky Clover Kittens Shirt

Lucky Clover Kittens Shirt

You can probably still buy some amazing “wolves howling at the full moon” t-shirts in rundown truck stops across America. And you totally should because those shirts are Americana treasures! But you should also know that the genre of shirt didn’t stop there!

They’ve been updating that format this entire time while nobody was paying attention. For example, here’s a gloriously nonsensical take from The Mountain, featuring playful kittens running around in a field of four leaf clovers.

One of the kittens has leapt into the air, leaving a rainbow trail. There’s even a sweet little angel kitty sleeping on a cloud with a harp in the background. So precious!

We probably aren’t allowed to say that an item will bring good luck to the purchaser. However, four-leaf clovers are widely believed to be a symbol of good luck and great fortune. Just saying!

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