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Double-Tank Beverage Backpack

Double-Tank Beverage Backpack

aka How to Make Friends in the Summer

Most people would probably just use this double beverage tank to cart around mixers but you could go pro and do batches of margaritas, pina coladas, mojitos, pretty much any excellent summer cocktail that would otherwise be difficult to bring in bulk on an excursion.

The ultra-wise move would be to fill up one of the tanks with good water, though. Dehydration is so real. SO real.

With dual 3.7 quart cylinders to hold and dispense whatever liquids you prefer (yes, even carbonated beverages, with or without ice), padded shoulder straps and even a holster for disposable cups, this is the ultimate outdoor party accessory.

Please keep in mind that liquid isĀ kinda heavy. You’re looking at carting around a little less than the equivalent of two gallons of milk, here. Make sure there are at least a couple of people willing to take turns on backpack duties. One good thing, it weighs less the more everyone drinks!

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