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Open Mind Pin

Open Mind Pin

Show off your ability to keep an open mind with a small but eye-catching enamel pin!

We could probably find and post some ass-kissing quotes about how open-minded people are better than close-minded people. But that’s just not our style and, anyway, everybody is already acutely aware of the situation.

Go check your Facebook timeline (if you haven’t already deleted your account, which is probably a wise move for your mental health) and you’ll likely find a bunch of people posting about a bunch of shit they’re just certain about, even though neither they nor anyone they really know is closely involved enough to know what’s really going on. (Politics, sports, whatever they’re talking about.)

The levels of certainty are honestly just weird. None of us really knows that much about anything so the best thing we can do is keep an open mind and be willing to accept new information.

This lapel pin is a discreetly small design you can wear to remind yourself that you don’t know everything and you never will if you make up your mind ahead of time!

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