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American Flag Striped Leggings

American Flag Striped Leggings

Adorn your legs with sweet and stylish freedom!

These stylish leggings are sure to turn at least a few heads. Serious question, though: are these yoga pants? All yoga pants are leggings, obviously. But are all leggings yoga pants now? Somebody draw a Venn diagram, please. Inquiring minds want to know.

Back to the leggings. Summer is the season of patriotism in America. July 4th, smack dab in the middle of Summer, is when we celebrate our Independence from the game of cricket and our God-given right to not to call soccer “football” or pay exorbitant taxes on tea. And those are great things that are worth celebrating. And you know what they say, a thing worth doing is a thing worth doing while wearing American flag leggings!

Just don’t try to climb a flagpole, okay? It’s not a good idea and it won’t end well.

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