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Animal Ski Masks

Animal Ski Masks

Hit those slopes with the style and reflexes of an agile house cat!

Beloved Shirts just dropped a full line of animal print ski masks for all you wild children to enjoy with your outdoor winter activities.

You can pick up the cat and dog prints shown above or there are many other options. There’s a snake, a cheetah, a wolf, a pug, a lion, a tiger, no bears and more!

All the usual business about moisture wicking fabric applies. The materials are soft and comfortable, made to dry quickly. One size fits most, you get it.

There’s a hidden star in this show, however. When you’re looking at the design options, make sure you click the one called “roar” because that’s a freakin’ sabretooth tiger, baby! That’s the spirit animal you want to channel when you’re out there in the snowy wild!

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