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Fuckboy Bot

Fuckboy Bot

Fuckboys are not on the endangered species list but dealing with them just got way easier!

Boy Bye Bot is a fake phone number that you can give to any dude who really shouldn’t have your real phone number, for whatever reason you don’t want him to have it. He’ll even get a response when he texts the number – but not the response he was hoping to get…

Why wouldn’t you just say no, he can’t have your number?

Congratulations on never being hit on by an overly aggressive/persistent fellow, because only a totally clueless person would ask that question.

Bars across America¬†are starting to keep a list of code words in the women’s bathroom that anyone can say to a bartender for help getting out of a shitty situation. So, yeah, it’s safe to say that Boy Bye Bot is a necessity in the world right now.

More details at the link below.

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