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Bed Climate Control Machine

Bed Climate Control Machine

There’s a science to getting a bedroom the right temperature for sleeping. It takes years, even decades to learn this science. Night after night of going to sleep with a blanket and waking up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat. Or the opposite, going to bed hot without covers and freezing yourself awake at 2am.

That ain’t no way to live.

Not when technology like BedJet exists and is readily available. BedJet is a device that controls the temperature between the blankets by directing warm or cool air through a tube, as needed.

Here’s where it gets super awesome: BedJet is both programmable and able to be controlled via smartphone app. That means you can “set it and forget it,” easily making minor adjustments as needed (change of season, etc.) without getting out of bed.

For couples who sleep in the same bed, there’s a version that comes with a special segregated sheet to maintain two separate temperatures in the same bed.

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