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Slice Slice Baby Pizza Shirt

Slice Slice Baby Pizza Shirt

This has “new favorite t-shit” written all over it. (Not, like, literally. Literally, it has “SLICE SLICE BABY” written all over it. Like, literally that’s a picture of the shirt right there. That’s what’s on the shirt.”

But look at that fabric. You can tell by just looking at it that it’s one of those soft, lightweight polyester/cotton blends that are so super nice to wear, right from the get go. No break-in period required.

And the pizza graphic. Forget about it. That piece of pizza looks so damned delicious that people will get hungry just by looking at you. There’s probably some psychology book on whether or not that’s a good thing. We’ll assume it is?

Drop that zero (t-shirt) and get with a hero (t-shirt) tonight! We like the red color shirt the best but you can get the same thing in gray if that’s more your thing.

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