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Whiteboard Movie Slate

Whiteboard Movie Slate

Anyone can make a movie now.

You’ve probably got a camera in your pocket right now with better technical specs than anything in Hollywood 75 years ago.

It doesn’t cost a cent to upload footage to YouTube.

If you can come up with a good idea and make it happen, there’s nothing to stop you from becoming the next Orson Welles!

There’s one speed bump that every amateur never sees coming, though, and that’s editing. Everyone makes such a big deal over directors and writers that nobody realizes it’s the editing that makes or breaks any project.

Step one in editing footage is being able to find the actual footage you want to edit. You might think that’s easy. It isn’t. Get a clapper. Use it. Keep separate notes on which take you want to use for what and that clapper at the beginning of the clip will take you there every time.


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