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Fake Baguette Wrist Rest

Fake Baguette Wrist Rest

Modern jobs are brutal on the human body.

Sitting in a chair for hours on end, focusing your eyes at words on a screen, typing and typing and typing…

At least if you worked in construction you’d be getting good exercise and possibly even getting paid to stay in good shape. This cubicle madness is just a slow, grinding deterioration.

But it doesn’t have to be!

These days we have things like standing desks, even treadmill desks, or supposedly sitting on a big bouncy ball is supposed to be better than a chair.

What about your wrists, though?

All that typing!

Give your wrists a comfortable place to rest with this faux baguette!

Yeah, it’s a little weird and wacky but a little office goofiness is good for morale and may even boost output! It’s not like you’re using a real loaf of bread – that would just be insane!

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