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Beer Briefcase

Beer Briefcase

Next time you want to quit your cushy corporate gig, ask yourself, “What would Dr. Gonzo do?”

We’re great friends with the good doctor and we’re pretty sure he’d act like everything was as peachy keen as the American Dream right up until that next big board meeting, when he’d walk in, lay this briefcase on that big table, pop it open and crack open the first of several beers.

That’s how you do business meetings when you don’t give a shit if it’s your last business meeting or not. Shit, you’ve all seen Office Space before. Maybe you’ll get a ridiculous promotion or something out of your new attitude.

As you can see, this briefcase is fully insulated with cutouts for six bottles of beer (or, really, whatever you decide to put inside of those bottles). If you plan it right, it could be just what the doctor ordered.

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