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Solar-Powered Spinning Jupiter

Solar-Powered Spinning Jupiter

Bring one of the most majestic celestial bodies in this solar system right down to the top of your desk!

This neat little globe of Jupiter is about 4.5 inches, so it’s not, like, huge but it is a decent size. And that would be cool if that’s all it was, just a cute Jupiter globe.

But hold up, there’s more!

We don’t really know how it works but this globe will spin continually (in the daytime), powered by nothing but the rays of the Sun! And we’re not talking about putting this on a windowsill so it keep working. Apparently, even just indirect sunlight is enough to solar power this thing.

It’s the kinda thing that will stand out on a desk. The base is fully clear, so people will probably be wondering how the globe keeps spinning!

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