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Baby Dragon Mummy

Dragon Mummy

Turns out dragons are real.

Look, we’re just as surprised as you are but what are you gonna do, ignore evidence when it’s placed right in front of your eyes?

This isn’t a Photoshop job. This isn’t a TV show on HBO.

Yeah, they’re calling this a prop of a mummified dragon baby but check the description: “made from a combination of real and replica parts.” Pardon? “Real” parts of what?

Based on the mind-blowing level of detail, here, we’re guessing dragons. It’s the simplest solution. Occam’s Razor, y’all. Now there’s a hefty price tag on this thing but it’s not a toy. Back before the Internet was around to ruin everything, you could probably make a pretty serious living by charging people $10 a person to look at this thing. You could still find a nice glass case for it and put it inside, resting on red pillow or something goth like that…

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