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Pros and Cons Notepad

Pros and Cons Notepad

Okay, this is actually a wonderfully useful invention.

The PROS of sitting down and writing out a list of all possible positives and negatives to any course of action are well documented. We’ve all read the self-help articles and watched the TED talks and yadda yadda yadda. Knowing that something works and remembering to do it are two entirely separate matters.

So, yeah, many of us keep a notepad on our desk or the kitchen counter or the nightstand or whatever. But how often do we, in the middle of an important decision, notice that pad of paper and remember how easy it would be to list the pros and cons of the matter?

Rarely, seems to be the average response.

Fix that by keeping a pad of paper explicitly designed to create such a list. Even better, it’s perforated down the middle. So whichever side ends up with the stronger argument or longer list, just rip that side away from the notepad and take it with you as a reminder to stay the chosen course!

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