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Unicorn Backpack

Unicorn Backpack

Dillema: you need to look out-of-this-world fabulous tonight but you also need to transport some (but not very many) items on or near your person.

Solution: a small backpack with an attached unicorn head!

This is the real life. This is not just fantasy.

Anyone who gets excited from hearing the words “unicorn backpack” needs to at least have this product shown to them because every detail is better than the last.

First of all, the material is a sort of rainbow swirly faux fur situation that gets an automatic “yes” from us, like if the cuddliest and softest creature in the world was colored of rainbow sherbet.

Next, the zipper pull is fluffy like a tail. There’s a pocket on the front of the backpack that’s covered in the same pink fluff as the zipper.

Not only does the unicorn hood have a furry mane and horn but it even has the cutest little ears!

To die for!

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