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5 Pounds of Misprinted Pens

5 Pounds of Misprinted Pens

When was the last time you needed a pen and couldn’t find one?

If you’re like us, it’s happened to you at least once since you started reading this sentence.

Where the fuck are all the pens?!?

People steal pens. Pens are usually cylindrical (for some stupid reason) so they easily roll off tabletops and get lost under couches, behind cabinets, etc.

Well, here’s you solution: a box with 5 pounds of pens in it for a rock bottom price!

The pens are all misprints but that doesn’t matter. Some insurance company or pharmaceutical brand didn’t have their name spelled right on a pen and you get the savings!

It’s not like you need the best pen in the world. Everyone who’s a snob about the pen they use should already be good at keeping their pens around. This is for people who just need a damn pen and can’t ever find one!

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