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Tic Tac Bro shots game

Tic Tac Bro shots game

If you’ve ever lost a game of tic-tac-toe as an adult, this is the game for you because you’ve got some sorrows to drown, friend. See, what we should all know by now about tic-tac-toe is that it’s a deadlock game, meaning both players making correct moves every turn always results in a draw.

Didn’t know that? We’ll pause for a second and let it sink in.


Short of finding some 10 year old kid to destroy at tic-tac-toe, your best bet at redemption is playing a little game we like to call Tic Tac Bro! It’s the same game but played with shots. Loser drinks, which means both players drink in the event of a draw, which makes it an endurance game.

This is an important life lesson, bro. If the game can’t be won, change the game!

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