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Dad in Jail Childrens Book

Dad in Jail Childrens Book

It’s so difficult to have conversations with children about some things.

You’ve got to be able to talk to them… And then it’s a whole conversation you’re having… With questions… And more questions…

Someone a long time ago figured out that you can throw a story in a children’s book and, with any luck, it’ll become the kid’s favorite thing and they’ll do the work of internalizing the message for you!

The Night Dad Went to Jail is one book that you can for sure judge by its cover. It’s about what it looks like it’s about, a wee main character whose dad goes to jail.

The book is part of the “Life’s Challenges” series, so you can search the name of that series at the link to see other books you might want to buy to go with this one.

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