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Marshmallow-Scented Ghostbusters Vinyl

Marshmallow-Scented Ghostbusters Vinyl

This is a very special edition vinyl release of some original Ghostbusters music!

There’s a lot going on in that picture because of all the stuff included so we’ll work our way from the outside in to the record.

The outer gatefold sleeve is that white square with the blue banner in the top left corner. Place your face close to the material of that sleeve and you’ll pick up a hint of marshmallow scent, which is honestly an extremely rare thing even in the world of collectible vinyl.

Inside, you’ll find two lenticular stills and a third 3D still, featuring key Stay-Puft moments, which is a theme that continues in the photos throughout the inside of the record’s sleeves.

The vinyl is actually¬†a 12″ single, not a full LP. One side has the theme song of Ghostbusters and the other side is the theme from Ghostbusters II!

Everyone secretly loves the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, even though he’s technically supposed to be a villain. So don’t be afraid to put your Stay-Puft love on display with this gorgeous collectible record!

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