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Salt and Pepper Grinder

Salt and Pepper Grinder

No, we’re not seriously going to try to talk you in to drunk-buying a two-in-one salt and pepper grinder. Psh, what do you think we are, monsters?


What we’re going to do right now is make you feel awful for not buying your Mom a Mother’s Day present for the last five years. All she did was let you ruin her hopes and dreams by choosing to carry your parasitic fetus to term. It’s not like you owe her anything. You just talked to her on the phone, anyway, right? That was, when… Oh, wait… That was like two years ago…

Oh, no…

Starting to feel bad now?


So here’s the thing about this salt and pepper grinder. It’s a salt grinder and it’s a pepper grinder – in one grinder! It’s, like, whooooaaaaaaa, you know? Any lonely and depressed mother would be happy to have her selfish spawn buy her this (or literally anything) as a Mother’s Day gift.

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