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EXCLUSIVE: Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a week away but you’ve still got plenty of time to pick up the best present she’s ever been given. In the age of free two-day shipping, we’re only just now entering “last minute” territory!

All moms are not created equal, so we’ve done our best to stock this gift guide with ten products that will appeal to a wide variety of women. We figure all the bases are covered with cats, candy, home improvements and wine… Lots of wine!

#1 Tabby Cat Salt and Pepper Holder

Tabby Cat Salt and Pepper Holder

An orange tabby cat standing upright clutches her salt and pepper shakers, one in each hand. Dearest Mother will always know right where to look for her every day spices.

This is a great little trinket for those of you shopping on a budget. The glass salt and pepper shakers are included with the unit.

#2 Aerating Wine Glasses

Aerating Wine Glasses

A lot of moms drink wine. That’s just a fact. We’ll take a stab in the dark and guess most of you shopping on a website called drunkMall for a Mother’s Day gift have a wine-drinking Momma. If that’s the case and she enjoys popping bottles of the stuff that improves with breathing, stemless aerating wine glasses could easily become her favorite thing in the entire kitchen.

Aerating wine speeds up the breathing process, which means less patience is required on Wine Night. The aerator is fixed within the glass, so there’s no separate parts to keep track of or anything.

Each order comes with two glasses.

#3 Wireless Selfie Button

Wireless Selfie Button

Haven’t shown your Mom how to use Instagram? Maybe don’t.

But if it’s too late and you’ve already created that monster, you should at least make it easier for her to take nice selfies so she can look her best. The problem with taking a selfie for most people is that the hand holding the phone must be used to take the photo, causing the phone to move and possibly shake the image out of focus. It’s way easier to hold the device stable if you can use your other hand to snap the photo.

That’s what this bluetooth enabled button allows. It’s compatible with most popular smartphone brands. As you see, there are even little tripods you can get to make the whole process even easier. (But don’t you dare buy a selfie stick for your mother!)

#4 Candy from The ’70s

Candy from The '70s

Mom didn’t make it this far by fiending out on the sugar treats, we know. (At least, that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.)

Still, a box full of the candy that was popular when she was just a wee one ought to be enough to get a smile and some fond memories out of her. We’re guessing most readers will be going for the 1970’s box but they also have an ’80s box and a ’60s box, if your mother is younger or older.

#5 Coiled Wax Candle

Coiled Wax Candle

Everyone with an absent-minded mom worries about it: What if she forgets about that lit candle and burns the house down.


Well this unique candle may be able to help. The coiled beeswax is fed up through a clamping apparatus, up to 3 inches at a time. (1 inch ≈ 1 hour of burning candle.) The lit candle will only burn until the wax above the clamp is melted, at which time it will simply smolder out.

Neat and practical. Each coil holds approximately 60 hours of burning time. When the coil is gone, simply order a refill.

#6 Diamond Ring Lamp

Diamond Ring Lamp

Maybe you can’t afford to ice Mom out with some real bling this year but it’s the thought that counts, they say.

This small lamp (suitable for a bedside table) is shaped like ridiculously oversized diamond ring. When lit, the phrase “I ❤ U” is displayed on the top of the light. So sweet!

#7 Wine Preserver and Dispenser

Wine Preserver and Dispenser

Back to the wine again!

Boxed wines are getting pretty… pretty… pretty good, believe it or not. The problem is that, like their bottled counterparts, the nicer boxed wines will lose flavor and body after the seal has been broken. The boxed wines turn a little slower than wine in an uncorked bottle but it does happen.

This device makes that no longer an issue, extending the life of boxed wine by up to 6 weeks! (Like it’ll be around that long…) Simply remove the spacebag from your boxed wine and place it into the Boxxle. Wine is easily dispensed and you get to throw away the unsightly box it came in.

Prefer your wine chilled? Clear out some fridge space and you can place the whole apparatus inside of there!

#8 Climate Controlled Bed Machine

Bed Climate Control Machine

Two words: Hot Flashes

If your mama isn’t having ’em yet, she probably will because that’s just one of the treats life has in store for most women as they get older.

This climate control system keeps the temperature just right under the covers. Whether that means cool air or heat, the settings can be controlled from a smartphone app or automated to run on a program. There’s even an alarm setting if you’d rather be gently woken up by a change in temperature than a loud and obnoxious alarm!

For couples who sleep together, there’s a version that splits the bed into separately controllable zones.

#9 Porn for Women Photo Book

Porn for Women Photo Book

We’ve kept the raunchy humor to a minimum in this particular gift guide but there are a lot of parents out there who can appreciate a good bit of blue comedy.

When you tell your mom you got her porn for her birthday, she’ll probably think you’re joking until she gets a look at this photo book of “porn for women,” which features pictures of highly attractive male specimens saying and doing the kinds of things every woman wants. You know, like cleaning the house and taking out the trash!

#10 Humane Bug Catcher

Humane Bug Catcher

Bugs, yuck!

Being surprised by a creepy crawly in the home ain’t no fun but ever since she started taking a yoga class and saying “namaste,” Mom just can’t bring herself to kill the creatures.

That’s fine!

This gadget allows you to capture bugs without killing them while keeping yourself at a comfortable distance. Catch and release!

[Still looking for that perfect mom gift? drunkMall posts mom stuff all the time!]

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