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Light Up Choker

Light Up Choker

Stop wondering if anyone can see your perfect choker in the dark club!

With a simple-to-use on/off switch, you can illuminate the current trendiest neck accessory whenever you like. The picture up there does look pretty rad and you should for sure check out the website selling this if you’d like to see more details of the choker.

It’s probably a lot nicer than you assume at first glance…

First of all, if you’re worried about hard plastic or a bulky/weighty ring on your neck, forget about that. This item only comes in one size because it’s made of a stretchy fabric with an internal LED system. When wearing in the daytime or with the LEDs switched off, the choker looks like just a strip of sparkly yellow and pink fabric.

Versatility, baby. That’s what you want in a good fashion accessory.

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