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Follow Me Bring Beer flip flops

Follow Me Bring Beer flip flops

Strap on these flip flops for your next walk on the beach and they’ll leave the message “FOLLOW ME BRING BEER” in the sand behind you. It’s a simple idea but it’s the simple things in life that… do… something… they say?

These were such a hit on drunkMall’s Spring Breakers Essentials¬†gift guide that we had to give ’em their own post. Beach parties aren’t just for Spring Break, ya know?

Just keep in mind the nature of sand on beaches, you know? Walking down near the tide line isn’t the best idea if you’re trying to leave a message for longer than thirty seconds. On the other hand (or foot), leaving a message telling people to follow the trail and bring beer when you’re on the way out to a beach spot that doesn’t allow drinks, also not the best idea!

Walk near the tideline on the way to beach spot, leave the message higher up on the beach when you’re on the way back to the party spot.

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