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Cloud Q-Tip Holder

Cloud Q-Tip Holder

Get your finger out of your ear and use a q-tip like a damned adult.

Ear health is important.

Looking like a grown human being who knows how to keep your body clean is also important.

You wouldn’t want to find out you just spent the last two hours of your life walking around with a trail of toilet paper hanging out of the back of your pants, would you? What about, like, a smear of chocolate at the corner of your mouth all day?

Of course you don’t want those things to happen to you.

So you shouldn’t want a visible buildup of ear wax hanging out on your ear either. It’s sloppy and it looks gross.

Get some q-tips. They feel like a nice soft cloud cleaning your ear. In fact, you can even keep your q-tips in this holder that looks like a cloud!

There, now you can worry about something else that’s more important.

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