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Presidential Philip J. Fry Poster

Presidential Philip J. Fry Poster

Anyone can be presidential, just look at Presidential Fry from Futurama on this poster!

Borrowing more than a little inspiration from a famous presidential painting of Abraham Lincoln, this poster is printed on 100lb polar white photo paper. (Whatever the fuck that means? Sounds fancy.)

We weren’t kidding when we said anyone can look all prezzy if they want. Try it yourself.

All you have to do is get someone to take a picture of you from a weird, like, 45 degree angle, while you’re sitting halfway like you’re chilling with your legs crossed in thought and halfway like the red nuclear war phone is ringing and you gotta go answer it.

Also, squint. Always be squinting!

Back to that poster. It’s available in three different sizes but you should obviously go for the biggest one because AMERICA, BABY, WHOOOOO!

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