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High-Heeled Scuba Flippers

High-Heeled Scuba Flippers

High-heeled scuba flippers are all the rage in Belgium right now.

It seems like learning to walk in them would be pretty awkward but once you get it down the benefits are obvious. Today’s couples don’t want to do the same old boring shit, like go to cocktail parties and fancy dinners. Or, well, they do but they’re going scuba diving afterward…

At least, that’s what Paul Schietekat may have been trying to say when he created this art exhibit in 2006. Yeah, that’s right. Obviously these aren’t a real thing people are wearing. Are you high?

Oh, don’t act mad… What, you were gonna buy a pair? If these were real they’d cost at least $600 plus a rhinoplasty for anyone dumb enough to try wearing them.

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