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Vagina Butterfly Pillow

Vagina Butterfly Pillow

Yeah, it’s hilarious but wait a minute before you show this to a friend.

Of course we’d love a million billion people to see this post but that may not be what’s best for you. What may be best for you is to never ever tell anyone about this, then buy this pillow and put it in your home.

First of all, it’s your home. You can decorate it however you see fit.

Second, if nobody sees this post and you get a new butterfly throw pillow for your couch, what kind of jerk would tell you the butterflies on the pillow look like vaginas?

Now imagine how uncomfortable you’d be if you had the thought while in someone else’s house that a pattern on one of their pillows looks like vaginas. From now on you’ll get to watch your houseguests do that.

It’s fun.

Okay, now you can share the post if you aren’t gonna buy the pillow.

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