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Pink Rhinestone Lips Phone

Pink Rhinestone Lips Phone

How incredibly glamorous!

Everyone who still has a landline – what the fuck are you doing?!

No but, like, really. Whatcha doin’ there with that landline?

Whatever your situation is, one thing is clear: If you’ve any hope of retaining “cool” or “with it” status as we near the year 2020, you need to seriously reconsider owning a normal-ass landline telephone.

If a landline is necessary, it’s highly recommended to use the existence of that ancient relic and turn it into an opportunity to display your appreciation for ironic or kitschy things – like a phone that looks like a luscious pair of lips covered in all over in pink rhinestones!

That’s exactly what this is.

None of that cordless business here, either.

It’s the full-on retro experience, folks.

Twirl that coiled phone cable in your finger just like you did while talking to your crush in high school!

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