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Pillsbury Doughboy Plush Doll

Pillsbury Doughboy Plush Doll

It’s the most ticklish mascot ever, Poppin’ Fresh!

Is there another logo you were happier to see in the grocery store haul when you were a kid?

From crescent rolls to flaky biscuits over to the cinnamon rolls and orange sweet rolls, Pillsbury always meant there’d be at least one good thing about dinner, no matter how dry the chicken was or if you had to eat some squash.

And some of the best branding of all time was done when they came out with Poppin’ Fresh a.k.a. The Pillsbury Doughboy! Just seeing this little guy is enough to make you hear his signature “hoo hoo!” tickle laugh and think about good times with good food.

We’re replacing Elf on the Shelf with this Poppin’ Fresh bean bag doll. Elf on the Shelf is pretty creepy and it’s even weirder to have it out anytime but Christmas.

So screw that elf, we’re Team Doughboy!


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