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24 Karat Gold Rolling Papers

24 Karat Gold Rolling Papers

Started from the bottom now we here!

Throw out the Zig-Zags… Forget about Swishers… You don’t even need those blueberry wraps anymore, son…

You know you’re golden. Now it’s time to let the rest of the world know every time you toke…

Glow up as you blaze up! Shine when you elevate your mind!

These rolling papers are for pure ballers only cuz they’re made with real 24 karat gold!

Blending hemp with gold flake results in these unique papers.

Heads up that you’re only getting two sheets per pack but do you have any idea how much a regular pack of papers would cost if they were made out of real gold? It’d be a lot.

Herb is not included and drunkMall always recommends our readers to live within the law. But if you reside in an area where cannabis has been legalized, Acapulco Gold would obviously be the best strain to roll up in these golden papers!

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