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Sexy Raccoon Costume

Sexy Raccoon Costume


Take a walk on the furry side in a full-body raccoon costume!

Get in touch with your inner animal and look great as a human all at the same time. This backless outfit comes complete with a striped version of those furry boots (you know the ones), a furry little tail and a furry hood with cute raccoon ears.

It’s everything you need to run rampant dressed as Mother Nature’s four-legged bandit!

Just remember: sexy humans dressed as sexy raccoons is kind of sexy. Actual raccoons are not sexy and, in fact, a lot of their behaviors are annoying and even disgusting when done by a human. For instance, you should not dive headfirst into piles of garbage bags looking for food. You should not steal shiny objects that belong to other people and dunk them in water to clean them off. Things like that, you know.

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