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Mobile 3D Theater

Mobile 3D Theater

This is the future millennials want.

Full sensory retreat into a digital reality! Absolute social isolation from the imperfect people around you! Total immersion within your favorite movies, TV shows and video games!

Probably most of you by now have tried those little boxes you put your phone in and strap it to your face for a “virtual theater” experience. Those can be cool. This thing is next level, though.

It’s an all-in-one, audio/video headset with a curved display for 2D or 3D video. The unit has 32 GB of storage, so you can load it up with video content before a trip and you’re good to go. Alternately, it has HDMI connectivity so you can connect it to anything else you’d use with a normal TV or video display – smartphones, tablets, computers, video game consoles.

The over-the-ear headphones give you high-quality audio synced with what you’re seeing. A highly customizable positioning setup gives most users a comfortable experience – check the reviews!

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