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Life Size Bigfoot Statue

Life Size Bigfoot Statue

Stop spending so much time in the woods looking for Bigfoot – you can get one right here!

This life-sized sasquatch statue stands around 6 feet tall and is hand-cast from real crushed stoned that’s bonded together with a designer quality resin. (That means it’s heavy as shit. Like, 147 pounds heavy.)

As for the way it looks, Design Toscano apparently spent over 4 months researching descriptions of Bigfoot to sculpt and cast this magnificently realistic figure. It’s available in the full 6 foot tall version, as well as smaller scaled sizes. All pieces of every size are finished with hand-painted details!

Listen, what would you even do with a Bigfoot if you found one?

Have you seen Willow Creek?

Yeah, no spoilers or anything but you should probably reconsider the quest for sasquatch.

Just pick up one of these babies and put it in your yard. Call it a day.

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