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Siren Head and Camera Head Figures

Siren Head and Camera Head Figures

If there is any sort of context for these, or if they’re a reference to some Japanese pop culture or TV show or something, we have no idea. These dudes just showed up in our “Items you may like based on your browsing history” section because, well, we look at weird stuff online for hours every day.

There is literally no information or buyer reviews on these things. They are a total mystery. But we’re guessing anyone that clicked on the photo to read this post has a strong sense of adventure and may not care about that stuff.

Here’s what we know.

One of the figures has a siren light for a head, the other one has a camcorder for a head.

Each figure is approximately 8 inches tall.

They are sold separately and incredibly low-priced.

Based on photos, the limbs are flexible (including the flip-out viewfinder on the camcorder guy) and each figure seems capable of standing unsupported. Anyone who needs some unique desk flair, look no further!

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