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Resurrection Candle

Resurrection Candle

Candles have come a long way in the past couple hundred years.

They used to drip wax all over the place and, every year or two, the servants would come through and collect all those mounds of melted wax and make new candles out of it. Or maybe that isn’t how it happened at all. We didn’t look it up but it sounds right.

When they started putting candles inside glass containers, that was smart. The melted wax stayed inside the container, prolonging the life of the candle. Good stuff.

This isn’t so much an improvement on that idea as a creative way to demonstrate how the melted wax is given a second life by being kept within the cylinder. An extra long wick hangs into the empty chamber beneath the first candle and creates a second candle as the first one burns.

It’s a neat concept. Unfortunately, that seems to be all it is. Check out the link below for info on the designer who created this. They were supposed to really manufacture it but that hasn’t happened yet.

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