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Dog Food Condiments

Dog Food Condiments

Think about how often you use condiments to improve the whole situation on a table in front of you.

Now think about your dog. Don’t you think your dog would love a little extra something something on that depressing ass bowl of kibble you’re always serving up?

Of course!

Real talk, dogs aren’t picky eaters. Everyone who’s ever had to clean up a chewed-open trash bag’s worth of junk off the living room floor can tell you that. But these condiments contain additional Omega 3-6-9 fats in all-natural ingredients to promote digestive health and joint support.

The puns alone are worth the price of admission, though…

Each of the four different (meaty) flavors has a punny name that only gets funnier the more times you say it: muttstard, bark-b-q, petchup, mutt-n-aise…

You get it. Now get it for the pooch!

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