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Guacamole Tarot Beach Towel

Guacamole Tarot Beach Towel

If there was a deck of Tarot cards that just told you what food you should eat that day, wouldn’t that be amazing?

There isn’t one. (At least, not yet. A ton of #wantrepreneurs read drunkMall though, so maybe there will be one soon now that we’ve given out the idea.)

But that beach life is kinda also that fantasy life, so a giant towel showing something that doesn’t exist isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker. If nothing else, owning The Guac beach towel will make it super easy to immediately find your spot when you come back from a dip in the waves or playing frisbee or whatever.

Like the design but don’t need a towel? This item comes from Society 6, so you can get the same art on all sorts of swag. Just click the “WANT” button to scope out all the options!

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