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Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey

Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey

For aficionados of American craft beer, Rogues’ Dead Guy Ale is a big time favorite.

Deservedly so. Dead Guy won First Place in last year’s Great International Beer & Cider, as well as Gold Medalling in the 2015 World Beer Championship. That’s a good beer!

But what we have here is not a beer. It’s a whiskey. And an odd one at that!

If you know a lot about whiskey, this one could best be described as young.

The bottle states, “Ocean Aged in Oak Barrels for One Month,” if that tells you anything. Starting with the same malts used in Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, the Dead Guy Whiskey combines those malts to be fermented in “free range coastal water” (that means they get it from outside the distillery).

After a double distillation process, the whiskey is placed in charred white oak barrels to age for a month.

Tasting Notes: Rich but delicately sweet malt complex with a citrus (fresh orange) aroma. Medium body, oak and honey flavors take you to a clean vanilla finish.

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