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Stress Balls with Super Annoying Faces

Stress Balls with Super Annoying Faces

Most stress is caused by the sounds that come out of human faces. Therefore, it’s possible that stress balls would be more effective if they resembled annoying human faces, which these do. And the faces get even more annoying when they’re squeezed!

Each set comes with four balls, each with a different face. We’ve decided to call the faces “Person Who Fully Realizes They Are Incorrect But Still Won’t Listen to You,” “Person Who Is So Genuinely Happy It’s Actually Obnoxious/Threatening to Everyone Else,” “Whiny Brat Person” and “Person Who Thinks They Are Hilarious But Nobody Would Save If the Building Caught on Fire.”

Forget about addressing the real problems in life. Forget about reading a book on how the unconscious mind works. Forget about goals and achieving them and not blaming other people. Forget about all of that and squeeze the shit out of these faces, while supplies last.

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  1. […] Everyone deals with stress in their own way. Stress balls seem to be pretty popular. They’re usually pretty normal, though – just some brand logo or other. Since starting drunkMall last year, we’ve seen a few pretty crazy alternatives, including this set with annoying faces. […]

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