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Doughnut Pillow

Doughnut Pillow

This is much cuter than your grandparents’ doughnut pillow!

Now, we don’t have to talk about all the specific reasons a person might need or want a doughnut pillow (because 99% of them have to do with bad things happening to good assholes) but if you (or a friend or loved one or power bottom) find yourself in need of a completely adequate doughnut pillow, we can’t recommend this one enough.

What makes it special?

Like we said, it’s cute. The cuteness of this pillow gives one a perfectly valid reason to own a doughnut pillow besides the other perfectly valid (and usually socially awkward) reasons one would have for owning a doughnut pillow up until, well, the exact point in history when a cute doughnut pillow came into existence.

This is the pillow your you-know-what needs!

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