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Sleeping Bag Hammock

Sleeping Bag Hammock

And in one brilliant move these folks just eliminated nearly every problem associated with sleeping in a hammock or a sleeping bag!

Think about it.

What sucks about sleeping in a hammock?

Top of that list has to be inability to fall asleep over anxiety about rolling over and falling out of the thing onto your face. Yes, yes – it’s very relaxing to gently swing with the breeze as your body lays horizontally suspended in the air. Waking up from a nap to your nose being broken on a moss covered rock, not so relaxing.

Sleeping bags?

They’re amazing if you love sleeping on the ground!

So here’s a combination sleeping bag/hammock that brings you the best of both worlds!

It’s all the dreamy swaying of a hammock but with the extra security of being cocooned up tight in a sleeping bag!

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