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The Whiskey Wedge

The Whiskey Wedge

The Whiskey Wedge offers a new slant to having a drink on the rocks.

Using a silicone molded insert and a matching double Old Fashioned-style glass, this apparatus freezes a slab of ice at an angle to the side of the glass. Such a simple thing but the final effect is so aesthetically pleasing.

Someone asked us if they couldn’t do the same thing by setting a glass of water in their freezer at an angle. Maybe? We honestly don’t know but it’s also not worth the risk of spilling water to freeze all over our boxes of frozen waffles and clean urine samples.

You’ll want to know that the chunk of ice will eventually melt away from the side of the glass and become a floating chunk of ice. You can delay that by using a cocktail shaker to chill and mix the beverage before pouring it and by keeping your 98.6 degrees hand off the glass when not taking a sip.

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