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French Fry Lip Balm

French Fry Lip Balm

It gets more difficult to justify eating french fries every year.

Like, it’s bad for you. Duh. Everybody gets that. But just about everything that’s worth doing is “bad” for you and we do it anyway. The real problem is aging…

As we get older, our body gets tired of making up for our mistakes and says, “Fine. Fuck it. You wanna do that? You deal with the consequences.” Hangovers get worse. And we’re not even talking about hangovers from drinking. You’ll get a hangover just from eating a damn cheeseburger and have to take a nap. You’ll see.

So then what happens is it becomes a game of What Poisons Do I Eliminate from My Life So I Can Keep Enjoying Other Poisons? French fries are one of the first losers of that game, so here’s a french fry-flavored lip balm for when that happens. You’ll at least be able to stimulate memories of the glory days…

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