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School Sucks Laptop Sleeve

School Sucks Laptop Sleeve

Whether you’re wasting your life trying to start a white-labeled e-commerce business or you’re wasting your life in a classroom listening to a professor talk, chances are good that this laptop sleeve applies to you.

Unless you attend Hogwarts or clown college (or you’re just a good little nerd who loves science), school probably kills your vibe. You’re spending some of the best years of your life (and a ridiculous amount of money), listening to someone talk about some shit you could just read about on Wikipedia.

If you want to be a doctor or a lawyer, you’ve gotta do it. But you don’t gotta like it!

Let everyone know how you feel with a sassy new laptop sleeve.

Bailed on school a long-ass time ago?

This still works for you, as an explanation of why you aren’t in school right now!

We’ve got all the angles covered here, folks…

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