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Ping Pong Cap

Ping Pong Cap

Keep your ping pong skills alive!

It does no one any good for you to get super good at ping pong in college just to never play again after you graduate. That practically makes all that time spent at the table a waste, right?

Ping pong is so fun and if you play with someone good enough then you could even consider it a bit of cardio for the day.

Where to go? Where to play? Who to play with?

Well, ping pong tables are pretty affordable. (Yeah, you can drop several hundred on a really nice one but right on Amazon’s first page of highest-rated ping pong tables are some budget options.)

So you can probably play at home. As for finding someone to play with, meeting new people is tough for some adults. You could try wearing this stylish ping pong paddles cap everywhere you go!

If anyone compliments you on your hat then you can spend a little extra time talking to them and trick them into being your friend in order to later play some table tennis!

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