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Here’s what would be be awesome:

Get this BurgerPhone and keep a landline set up at home with a special number, only to be used by your friends who want to go get burgers immediately. Like the red phones in the White House or Pentagon or wherever that happens for national emergencies, except this is for burgermergencies.

Actually, even better, we start a #BurgerGang and we all have BurgerPhones set up as a direct line. All any member of the Burger Gang has to do is pick up their BurgerPhone and everyone else’s BurgerPhone rings to let them know that it’s burger time. Anyone who misuses our BurgerPhone Hotline in any way will be forced to wear The Silencing Slider cheeseburger ball gag.

This is our fantasy. Now does anyone remember how in the hell to set up a landline? It’s been a very long time… Do you go on a government watch list for having a new landline installed in 2016? Please advise.

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