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Das Boot Shot Glasses

Das Boot Shot Glasses

Oktoberfest is like Christmas for beer drinkers.

That means we like it a lot.

But it also means that, like Christmas, we’ll start talking about Oktoberfest while it’s still months away, long before any rational person would start getting hyped. In fact, if you’ve ever had a coworker who listens to Christmas music year-round, that’s kinda how we are with Oktoberfest.

So you know we love these das boot shot glasses – miniature versions of the oversized boot beer glasses you’ll find at every Oktoberfest event worth the name. (If you’ve never been to one, you should, but you could also watch the classic film Beerfest. It’s a cinematic tour-de-force!)

Keep the das boot beer glasses around the house for special occasions or show up at a party with them. They’re sure to be a hit – or at least a shot!

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